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The exact exchange rate is determined by your bank on the day of purchase.


chloe bottom &

Tammy Top

These 2 are the perfect starting point to create beautiful bikinis without any expertise in pattern making. 

Prepare your favorite fabrics and sewing machine, because with Tammy & Chloe you will be able to make new bikinis, easily and super fast.

With these digital PDF patterns ready to print at home you can make as many bikinis sets as you want using your favorite stretch fabrics.


You just need to print out and put together the paper sheets and you will have the exact same pieces that have been successfully tried and tested.


Forget your fear of cutting the fabric yourself, not knowing how it will turn out. You will save time and effort recreating the same beautiful designs you see here, without having to draft patterns from scratch.

$499 mxn 

$21 usd*

These patterns Include 4 sizes for the top: Extra-small, small, medium, large; and 3 sizes for the bottoms: small, medium and large, so you can make bikini sets for you or other people and start your own business, selling your creations! I believe your passion and dedication have the potential to turn a hobby into a successful profitable business you will LOVE!


The magic is yours, I only show you what is possible! The video below will take you step by step through the sewing process and you will learn my tips to finish your bikinis with GREAT quality and ease. 


These Patterns are transformable! So, you will also find more videos with ideas of how to create different styles and designs using these exact same patterns; More value for your money!

You can create as many new variations as you can imagine!


Your creativity and imagination are the unlimited magic within you that transforms the invisible into visible!

Decide to start and you will be so proud of all the things you can accomplish while

learning, enjoying creating and rocking your new clothes! :)


♥ Measurements:

Here you can check which size would be the best for you according to your measurements:



Bust: 31.5" to 33.5"

Bust: 33.5" to 35.5"

Bust: 35.5" to 37.5"


Bust: 37.5" to 39.5"



Waist: 25" to 27"

Hips36" to 38"


Waist: 27" to 29"

Hips38" to 40"


Waist: 29" to 31"

Hips: 40" to 42"

♥ TIP 


All our beautiful bodies are different, we could have the same measurements but not the same body shape. 

Every time you use a pattern for the first time, make a test in a fabric similar to the one you want for the final design, this way you can check if you want to make adjustments.  

Then, you can apply any adjustment to the pattern and have the "master key" to create as many clothes as you want, knowing they will turn out exactly how you like and feel the most comfortable! :)